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Jakob Kolding

Saturday March 27th, director Ann Goldstein of the Stedelijk Museum opened the exhibition Stakes Is High by young Danish artist Jakob Kolding at SMBA Amsterdam. Since the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, once one of the leading museums in modern art worldwide, has been closed for ‘major restoration’ for years, their project space Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, or SMBA, is as close as you’ll currently get to the Stedelijk’s feel. Where the museum is renowned for its quality collection of classic modern works, the bureau is more of a platform for contemporary art. It has organized exhibitions of Amsterdam-based art in an international context since 1993. Continue reading

Maynard James Keenan Stars in Wine Documentary Blood Into Wine

Old, but funny news.

Maynard James Keenan, lauded frontman of Tool, A Perfect Circle and, more recently, the atrocity known as Puscifer, happens to be a grape farmer as well. Since ’95 he has apparently been making wines at his Arizona farm. Now I just found out that there’s a documentary about this rather pretentious hobby. I honestly didn’t know why anyone other than a rabid Tool aficionado would like to see it, until I watched the trailers.

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New Steve Brodsky Album Here’s to the Future Out 03.23

The good people over at Hydra Head Records have announced a new release by Stephen Brodsky, due March 23rd. The full-length album, titled Here’s to the Future, will appear both digitally and as a cassette release.

1.Here’s to the Future
2. Human Contagious
3. @ The OSC
4. Mass Appeal
5. Spellng B
6. Halo 4A Hula-Hoop
7. Retail Therapy
8. Here In Spirit

Mastodon/Totimoshi @ Melkweg Amsterdam, February 6th 2010

The previous time I attended a Mastodon headlining show was in November 2008, when they played as a three-piece in the Tivoli in Utrecht. “Brother Bill”, guitarist Bill Kelliher, was hospitalized at the time. They did a surprisingly good job, taking into consideration how much their songs usually rely on the interaction between the two guitars.

This time around, the group was more than complete again, with the keyboardist who played on a couple of tracks on their latest studio effort also added to the live line-up. During the current tour, Mastodon performed said album, 2009’s Crack the Skye, in its entirety. Proggier than ever before, the band didn’t know how to isolate just a few chapters of the saga from the rest of the story and fit those into a regular set. Even though they had always managed to distill an interesting mix of old and new songs in the past, it made some sense to me to leave a concept album intact (but weren’t the previous three all concept albums?). Continue reading

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