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Astra, Diagonal, Litmus – Live in London 4/14/2010

So, I’m totally bummed that I can’t go to this but here it is anyway.

Rise Above’s prog saviors Astra, Diagonal, and Litmus are getting together this April for a night of spacey fish and chips at The Scala in London. The first 300 people through the door will receive a free Astra/Diagonal Split 7″. If you live anywhere near London and aren’t dead or incapacitated in some equally restrictive fashion, I strongly recommend you go to this. I also recommend you get there early to make sure you get one of the free 7″ records. I recommend, too, that you then mail said 7″ to me. Think of it as a finder’s fee.

Buy tickets here!

Check out the bands, if you haven’t yet.




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I already knew that San Diego-based (maybe 1970s-based is more accurate) prog rock outfit Astra were good, but when I saw them perform at Freshface Fever last month I was totally blown away. They played in a room with a bar and no stage, and the only microphones were the ones Richard Vaughan and Conor Riley were singing into, but they don’t need a giant sound system or stage to make them appear godlike or larger than life. Their music does that for them.  Even if I saw them in someone’s basement I would still feel like I was floating away from my body and off into some magical synth-laden Mellotron world where John McLaughlin-style double-neck guitars grow instead of trees and vinyl records sprout out of the earth in place of flowers. Astra opened a window to 1973 and everyone at Les Deux that night was eager to look inside. Continue reading

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