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Southern Lord Doom Sale + Ascend Vinyl

I think this has been going on for a little while now, but seeing as it’s still going on and you might not know about it, I think it’s post-worthy. Southern Lord’s European distributor moved warehousing facilities and apparently found a bunch of out of stock/out of print stuff lying around in the process. So, Southern Lord are giving these doom relics to you for the low price of $7.

Check out the sale here.

Also, Ascend’s Ample Fire Within album has been released as a 180 gram double vinyl set which comes with two non-CD tracks. It looks like this is the exact same version of Ample Fire Within that comes in the Southern Lord Vinyl Subscription Series.

Click here to order theĀ Ample Fire Within 2xLP. (It’s about half way down the page.)

Southern Lord Vinyl Subscription Series

Here is something cool for all you vinyl elitists. Southern Lord are offering a vinyl subscription service where pay a one-time fee then receive a new Southern Lord vinyl release in the mail every 4-6 weeks. The first six albums have been announced and there is also a seventh “surprise” record, which I’m sure is tempting at least a few of us a little more than the first six.

Here are the six that have been announced:

1.) Black Cobra – Chronomega (contains non-CD bonus track and cover of Buzz-Oven – “Behaved”)

2.) Ascend – Ample Fire Within (contains 2 non-CD bonus tracks, Mccoy Tyner – “Desert Cry” cover, + side-long drone piece “Fenrir Ondi Ahman”)

3.) Pelican – What We All Come to Need 2xLP (contains 3 non-CD bonus tracks on side 4)

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