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Album Review: Godflesh – Streetcleaner (2010)

This is far from a lazy cash-in from Justin Broadrick, even if it does tie in neatly with his decision to re-ignite Godflesh after eight years. Streetcleaner never got the production it really deserved. Whilst not necessarily the finest Godflesh release (in my opinion, anyway), it’s arguably the one with the most primitive negative energy seething within it–a quality which, due to the way the album was produced at the time, could be sensed but never really felt.

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Album Review: Skullflower – Strange Keys to Untune Gods’ Firmament

Place this release along earlier Skullflower works such as Last Shot at Heaven (put out seventeen years before) and it really puts it in perspective how the project has developed. Certain elements have remained – the discordant whistle of guitar drones, the bleak, black atmosphere – but somewhere along the line the use of rhythm and bass-driven groove was phased out in favour of something more free-flowing and grotesque. Whilst some may yearn for a return to the more rock-based slow motion jams that conjured up Swans comparisons and influenced the likes of Godflesh, this gorgeous double disc leaves me feeling extremely thankful for the way in which Skullflower has evolved.

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