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the Crossing on Freshface!

Check out this killer write-up about us on Freshface Fever!

New Cathedral Album Artwork, Tracklisting

Doom metal legends Cathedral are back with their ninth full-length album, The Guessing Game. It was produced, recorded, and mixed late last year by our friend at Freshface, Warren Riker, who also did the band’s last album,¬†The Garden of Unearthly Delights. The artwork was handled, once again, by Dave Patchett.

Having been lucky enough to have heard this already, I can tell you this album will not disappoint. There is a bit more of the ’70s rock vibe creeping in here but it does still get incredibly heavy and dark as well. I really liked what I heard and I’m pretty excited to hear the final product.

The Guessing Game is set to be released by Nuclear Blast Germany on March 26th. Continue reading

More Like Bad-Asstra

I already knew that San Diego-based (maybe 1970s-based is more accurate) prog rock outfit Astra were good, but when I saw them perform at Freshface Fever last month I was totally blown away. They played in a room with a bar and no stage, and the only microphones were the ones Richard Vaughan and Conor Riley were singing into, but they don’t need a giant sound system or stage to make them appear godlike or larger than life. Their music does that for them. ¬†Even if I saw them in someone’s basement I would still feel like I was floating away from my body and off into some magical synth-laden Mellotron world where John McLaughlin-style double-neck guitars grow instead of trees and vinyl records sprout out of the earth in place of flowers. Astra opened a window to 1973 and everyone at Les Deux that night was eager to look inside. Continue reading

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