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Cynic – Re-Traced EP Details

Season of Mist have announced the details of the new Cynic EP, Re-Traced.

As we mentioned in our previous post about this, the EP will contain 4 reinterpretations of Traced in Air songs, as well as one previously unreleased track. The EP will also include a video and new artwork, by Travis Smith, based on Venosa’s original¬†Traced in Air artwork.

Re-Traced is set for a May 17th release date. Continue reading

Cynic – Re-Traced EP Sneak Preview

Here is a sneak preview of Cynic’s new Re-Traced EP. This EP has 4 reinterpretations of Traced in Air songs, plus one new recording, “Wheels Within Wheels.” The Traced in Air songs that made it onto this EP are “Integral Birth,” “King of Those Who Know,” “Space for This,” and “Evolutionary Sleeper.” Continue reading

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