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Album Review: Godflesh – Streetcleaner (2010)

This is far from a lazy cash-in from Justin Broadrick, even if it does tie in neatly with his decision to re-ignite Godflesh after eight years. Streetcleaner never got the production it really deserved. Whilst not necessarily the finest Godflesh release (in my opinion, anyway), it’s arguably the one with the most primitive negative energy seething within it–a quality which, due to the way the album was produced at the time, could be sensed but never really felt.

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Jesu’s New Sister: Pale Sketcher

It seems Jesu’s days of infusing electronic elements into its otherwise guitar-laden sound are over. Justin Broadrick has decided to distance these two sounds in order to explore each one more extensively. Jesu will remain guitar-based, but the electronica side of Jesu has splintered off to form a new project called Pale Sketcher. Pale Sketcher will be Broadrick’s new outlet for his “Jesu electronica”.

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Clips From Blood of Heroes’ Debut Album

I saw this on Sunday and just forgot to post it, I guess. So, here it is. Clips from the Blood of Heroes self-titled debut.

Blood of Heroes is a new project featuring Justin Broadrick (guitar), Submerged (electronics, bass guitar), end.user (electronics, keys), Bill Laswell (bass, keys), dr. Israel (vocals, effects), Balazs Pandi (drums), Mark Filip (electronics, programming). Their self-titled debut, which was tracked over the course of the last year, will be released worldwide by Ohm Resistance on April 4, 2010.

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