Clips From Blood of Heroes’ Debut Album

I saw this on Sunday and just forgot to post it, I guess. So, here it is. Clips from the Blood of Heroes self-titled debut.

Blood of Heroes is a new project featuring Justin Broadrick (guitar), Submerged (electronics, bass guitar), end.user (electronics, keys), Bill Laswell (bass, keys), dr. Israel (vocals, effects), Balazs Pandi (drums), Mark Filip (electronics, programming). Their self-titled debut, which was tracked over the course of the last year, will be released worldwide by Ohm Resistance on April 4, 2010.

Check out clips from the album here.

I can’t really tell how I feel about this album yet. Maybe it will make more sense to me once I hear everything in context, but this album is really all over the place. Ohm Resistance call it “the crossover of crossovers,” and cite “Industrial Dancehall, Metal Dubstep, [and] Ambient Beats” as the album’s building blocks. You really just have to hear it though. Blood of Heroes is definitely interesting, and anything Justin Broadrick does is at least worth checking out, so go listen to the clips and decide for yourself.

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