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Artist Visit: Tiki Jay

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend time with Tiki Jay, one of L.A.’s most renowned underground artists. We spent our time in Hollywood, where he and his crew worked together to print his new run of hand-pulled silkscreen posters and stickers on both bleached and unbleached newsprint, as well as some really high quality vinyl. This was the first run of his very first set of screens, making it a rather interesting learning process for all of us. After a few hours of sweatshop labor in the ungodly heat of the studio space, they had their routine down solid, cranking out print after print in a kind of assembly line fashion. It was a sight to see. Continue reading

Interview: Mike Fearo (DCV, UTI)

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with world-renowned artist Fear. We spent our time chatting about what he has been up to recently, and what we can expect to see from him in the coming future.

the Crossing: Starting off with the basics, what is your name?

Fear: Fear–I go by Fear (Fearo, Fear one)

tC: What crews do you represent?
F: I represent DCV, a crew I started in 1988. I’m also down with UTI and BLA.

tC: And where are you from?
F: I come out of Los Angeles, California. Bellflower to be exact.

tC: Cool. So how long have you been painting?
F: I started painting in 1983, I was painting a kind of street graffiti. It wasn’t what you see today. In 1984 is when I became FEAR ONE. Continue reading

Music Philosophy

Today, we take a quick look at two of my favorite things: music and typography. We travel over to the not-so-cleverly-named Music Philosophy, where music lover and graphic designer Mico tells us,

I am a designer. I like music and typography. So I combined them on this Project because I had nothing better to do.

Mico creates stunning typographical imagery on a weekly basis using his favorite music quotes, from AC/DC to the Moldy Peaches, Jay-Z to John Lennon. While you can submit your own quotes to be rendered, there are currently a few dozen to look through. Mico suggests the bright colors and fun, interesting shapes look great as a mobile phone desktop wallpaper; I say they look great, period. I may have to request a few prints to display as a series. Go explore, find your favorite track, and venture the relm of artistic lettering.

Featured Artist: Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is that rare sort of artist who inspires as much debate as his work: he seems to be one of the most outlandish individuals walking the earth today. This “American original” was born in New York to fashion photographer Bob Richardson, but grew up in Hollywood, where he started shooting while still in high school. He shoots using a kind of snapshot aesthetic befitting his candid personality and, though his work has been featured in such publications as Vogue, i-D, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and Purple, Richardson seems to remain under the radar. Continue reading

Featured Artist: Walter Kitundu

A few weeks back, I wrote a piece about sound sculptor Gerhard Trimpin, after which I went on a sort of hunt for other sound sculptors/artists and found quit a few, none of whom stood out to me all that much. This morning, however, I happened to come across Walter Kitundu–funny how the stumbling is normally where the gems are found.

An artist is the brain of  the individual more than the tools he uses or even the creations he shares. Kitundu is a perfect representation of that: he is an amazing thinker. I often tell people drooling over my camera equipment while out shooting events that the camera isn’t what’s important: I could be using a one-time-use camera and, in the end, you would never know the difference. What really matters, artists like Kitundu show us, is knowing your craft like second nature. Continue reading

Jakob Kolding

Saturday March 27th, director Ann Goldstein of the Stedelijk Museum opened the exhibition Stakes Is High by young Danish artist Jakob Kolding at SMBA Amsterdam. Since the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, once one of the leading museums in modern art worldwide, has been closed for ‘major restoration’ for years, their project space Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, or SMBA, is as close as you’ll currently get to the Stedelijk’s feel. Where the museum is renowned for its quality collection of classic modern works, the bureau is more of a platform for contemporary art. It has organized exhibitions of Amsterdam-based art in an international context since 1993. Continue reading

New Works from Patrick Martinez

Patrick Martinez is a Los Angeles-based fine artist originally educated on the streets. As a graffiti writer in the early 1990s, he found his love for the creative process and began developing his skills.  After attending Pasadena High School of Visual Arts and Design, he went on to Pasadena Community College. While attending school, and for some time afterward, Martinez worked primarily in the hip-hop community that raised him–he served as Art Director for Concentrated Entertainment for two years, all the while freelancing for other labels such as Stones Throw and Divine Forces.

His own personal work stayed on the back-burner until 2001, when he felt it was time to move forward and got himself into Art Center in Pasadena.  Finally focusing on himself as an artist, he left his final schooling with a BA in Fine Art and found himself working on the things he had always envisioned: showcasing the scenes and people of Los Angeles, giving us examples of the everyday beauty we as Angelinos usually take for granted. Continue reading

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