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Jesu’s New Sister: Pale Sketcher

It seems Jesu’s days of infusing electronic elements into its otherwise guitar-laden sound are over. Justin Broadrick has decided to distance these two sounds in order to explore each one more¬†extensively. Jesu will remain guitar-based, but the electronica side of Jesu has splintered off to form a new project called Pale Sketcher. Pale Sketcher will be Broadrick’s new outlet for his “Jesu electronica”.

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Troubled Horse – Bring My Horses Home 7″

The debut 7″ single from Troubled Horse, Bring My Horses Home, brings to mind bands of the ’60s and ’70s, and will make you wish you were living back then until you realize that, with bands like this around, you’re not missing anything!

After years of waiting (nearly three for me), the first tangible evidence of Troubled Horse’s existence has arrived and, while anyone who knows the band will have heard these two songs hundreds of times by now, this 7″ still feels new and was well worth the wait. These songs sound so much better than the mp3s on the band’s Myspace page (or even our Myspace page) it feels like you’re hearing them for the first time.

Side A’s “Bring My Horses Home” starts off our Troubled Horse journey, acting as a perfect introduction to the band. This song has everything these guys are about, from the foot-tapping rhythms to the catchy hooks that stick with you all day long to the heavy ’70s doom riffs and even some handclaps thrown in for good measure. Continue reading

Pyramids with Nadja 12″ Pre-Order Update

Well, apparently Hydra Head sold out of the initial pre-order amount of the Pyramids with Nadja remix 12″ but they felt sorry for you so they made 50 more available. If you missed your chance to order one of these and didn’t even know it, this is your second chance to make sure you get one. They’re only making 50 more available for pre-order, so you should probably hurry up if you want to get a copy.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here for the original article.

Pyramids with Nadja Remix 12″

A Pyramids with Nadja remix single is being released by Hydra Head Records on 12″ vinyl and is available for pre-order now.

The record features remixes of the Pyramids with Nadja track, “Into the Silent Waves,” by Lustmord and Ulver. This 12″ is limited to 300 copies, and orders are limited to one copy per order.

Click here to pre-order your copy of this remix 12″ now.

Also, Hydra Head are offering the Pyramids with Nadja shirt for a discounted price while pre-orders are being taken, which ends March 23rd. To get the discount use the coupon code “EGYPT”. Continue reading

Witchsorrow EP Release Date

I was going to wait until some kind of confirmation was posted on Rise Above’s website, but, since they never update it, so I gave up on that.

Witchsorrow announced on their Myspace earlier this month that their debut EP will be released on April 12th by Rise Above Records and will be available as a single disc CD or a double vinyl edition, which comes with a Witchsorrow patch.

This EP was originally supposed to be released last Fall, then this month, and now next month but this is the first time it’s actually been given a set release date, so hopefully it really is going to come out on April 12th. We’ll keep you updated either way.


Cathedral – The Guessing Game Pre-Order

So I still can’t find anything about the purple vinyl edition of this album, but you can pre-order the regular black vinyl edition or the double disc CD at Nuclear Blast’s webstore. They also have a CD/shirt pre-order package for $23.

I did notice something kind of weird though. On Cathedral’s Myspace they list the American release date as April 20th, but Nuclear Blast lists it as April 6th. All three editions of The Guessing Game that are available for pre-order at Nuclear Blast have an April 6th release date and a March 30th shipping date.

Hopefully, the release date really is the 6th and not the 20th because otherwise, you either have to wait an extra month or pay an extra $20 or something.

See the full tracklisting and more details about the album in our previous post about The Guessing Game. Or go to our Myspace to hear a song, “Edwige’s Eyes”, from the album.

Cathedral – The Guessing Game Updated

First off, Cathedral finally updated their Myspace page (whoa!) and second, in something of a retraction (our first! how exciting!) I now present you with the correct tracklisting and updated release info for Cathedral’s new album, The Guessing Game.

The Guessing Game will be a double disc album and will be available as both 2CD and a 2xLP editions as well as the limited edition 2xLP purple vinyl set. I can’t seem to find the purple vinyl for sale anymore on any site, which could mean it’s sold out already. The link to the purple vinyl set in our original post gets redirected to Nuclear Blast’s home page now. Continue reading

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