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Free Winterthrall Show This Easter

What better way to celebrate Easter than a night of free blaspheming?

This Easter, make your way down to The Dragonfly in L.A. at 8pm to see our friends Winterthrall with Exhausted Prayer and It’s Casual!

This show is 21+ (sorry, kids!), so don’t leave your wallet/purse/pants at home. Continue reading

Winterthrall Post New Song

Winterthrall, one of L.A.’s better metal bands, have posted a demo of a new song from their forthcoming album, Within the Church of None, on their Myspace. The demo is an instrumental version of a song called “Council of the Lost.”

When I interviewed Winterthrall last year on my old internet radio show about the release of their Stormraven EP, they told me that the next album would see the band getting back to their more aggressive side and if “Council of the Lost” is anything like the rest of the album, they have definitely kept their promise.

For the first few seconds you might think that Winterthrall and I have lied to you, but before you get a chance to complain you’ll be pummeled  by the all-out blackened death metal attack that this band has come to be known for. Continue reading

Oscar-Nominated Short Films Showcase

Have you ever wondered where you can see the short films that get nominated for The Oscars? Well, you can stop, because starting Friday, February 19th, L.A.’s Nuart Theatre will be screening all of this year’s Oscar-nominated short films for two weeks. Now you can finally disagree with the Academy’s short film choices and complain that they only give Oscars to “safe” short films. Those snobs!

L.A. isn’t the only city getting these films, but the official website, which says “full website launches February 4th,” still hasn’t launched. So, I can only give you the list of Landmark Theatres that will be screening these films. Continue reading

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