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The White Mice

Two days ago I ventured down to The Mountain Bar, my favorite spot in Chinatown  I was there to see Lesbian, but after waiting three hours for the late band to arrive, decided I just couldn’t do it any longer and went home. However, it wasn’t a total loss: I had the pleasure of being introduced to an absolutely mind blowing band, The White Mice. I am pretty big into grindcore and the like, and bands like this are why. Not only the music, which was gut-churning to say the least, but the theatrics of it all. These guys have been rocking the east coast since 2001 and putting in some serious work ever since.

From Providence, Rhode Island, this insane three-piece has assumed the lives of dirty, sewer-dwelling mice who seem to have gone insane at some point in the process of forming the band. With nineteen albums out on ten labels–not to mention a few self-releases–these guys just won’t stop. The level of sick, twisted humor is astounding. Tracks like ‘Cheesus Saves’ and ‘Rattarddead’ lead me to believe these guys know they’re funny. Continue reading

Lesbian Announce “Left Coast” Tour

Lesbian have announced a spring tour of the United States’ “left coast” entitled the Rainbow Urine Snake Attack Tour.

This 12 date tour starts tomorrow, March 25th, in Bellingham, Washington.

Of course this happens right when I’m out of town. If I’m back in L.A. before they go on next Saturday at the Mountain Bar, I’ll see you there.

Full list of dates after the jump. Continue reading

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