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New Southern Lord Signing: The Secret

Southern Lord have announced their newest addition to their arsenal of bands, Italy’s The Secret. After two albums for Goodfellow Records and several line up changes since their inception in Trieste, Italy in 2003, The Secret will enter Godcity Studio in Salem, MA with producer Kurt Ballou (Converge, Cave In, Torche) this April to record their third album, Solve et Coagula, for Southern Lord Records.

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More Like Bad-Asstra

I already knew that San Diego-based (maybe 1970s-based is more accurate) prog rock outfit Astra were good, but when I saw them perform at Freshface Fever last month I was totally blown away. They played in a room with a bar and no stage, and the only microphones were the ones Richard Vaughan and Conor Riley were singing into, but they don’t need a giant sound system or stage to make them appear godlike or larger than life. Their music does that for them. ¬†Even if I saw them in someone’s basement I would still feel like I was floating away from my body and off into some magical synth-laden Mellotron world where John McLaughlin-style double-neck guitars grow instead of trees and vinyl records sprout out of the earth in place of flowers. Astra opened a window to 1973 and everyone at Les Deux that night was eager to look inside. Continue reading

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