New Steve Brodsky Album Here’s to the Future Out 03.23

The good people over at Hydra Head Records have announced a new release by Stephen Brodsky, due March 23rd. The full-length album, titled Here’s to the Future, will appear both digitally and as a cassette release.

1.Here’s to the Future
2. Human Contagious
3. @ The OSC
4. Mass Appeal
5. Spellng B
6. Halo 4A Hula-Hoop
7. Retail Therapy
8. Here In Spirit
9. MLK

Best known as the guitarist/singer of Cave In, Steve Brodsky has been active in several other bands and side projects, including Kid Kilowatt, Pet Genius, and The Octave Museum. His solo work consists of  a kind of melodic singer-songwriter material, glazed with psychedelic fuzzy sounds (‘mid-fi’ in his own words), some doomy riffs ,and an overall great atmosphere. The pretty vocal lines under layers of guitar work surprisingly well.

According to Hydra Head, Here’s to the Future will be a good start for people that aren’t familiar with Brodsky’s solo material. The song ‘Here In Spirit,’ which they have made available through their MySpace, sounds like it could have been on the previous album The Black Ribbon Award, but it’s even more rough production wise.

2008’s The Black Ribbon Award (put out under the name  Stove Bredsky) can be streamed here.

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