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Metal Blade Signs Hammers of Misfortune

Hammers of Misfortune announced today that they have signed with Metal Blade Records. After not really knowing what the label situation with this band was for a while, this comes as a bit of a surprise.

Metal Blade will be re-issuing all four Hammers of Misfortune full-length albums this year with a new studio album to follow in 2011. That means not only can you finally get yourself a copy of The Bastard, but we also get a new Hammers of Misfortune record.

This band has been one of my favorites ever since I first heard The August Engine years ago and I’m happy to see them getting some more exposure because they deserve it more than most bands. Everyone should own every one of their records and it looks like Metal Blade agrees. Maybe if we all complain enough we can get Metal Blade to reissue the Unholy Cadaver demo too!

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