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Cynic: Day 4

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Today marks the first show of the tour, the Toulouse Metalfest at Le Phare. Alongside Cynic were Gorod, Paradise Lost, Soulfly, and Loudblast, who Sean and Paul toured with in 1994 while still members of Death. This was my first time running lights for the band outside of rehearsal, as well as my first time running lights for a concert, ever. Needless to say, I was a little bit nervous.

Because of the restrictions of the venue, I had to do the lights from the side of the stage, hence the camera angles. It wasn’t too bad, though; that was the view I had at the first few rehearsals, anyway. It was a little hard to hear the band over Sean from
back there, however.

After the initial panic and the communication disaster with the venue’s lighting engineer, we got the show started smoothly. Because it was a festival, the guys only played 40 minutes of their full 90 minute set.

It’s now several hours after the show and we’re back in the bus on our way to gig #2 at the Lyon Metalfest, where Cynic will share the stage with Loudblast again.


Cynic: Day 3

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A typical day off in a death metal band…

Our tour bus wasn’t coming until later that night, so we spent the day wandering around Paris. We made stops at The Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, where we ran into a Cynic fan who recognized them. We stopped and the guys took a picture and talked to him for a bit before we made our way back into the city.

The tour bus showed up at the hotel around 8pm and we started loading in our gear for our first night of driving. After loading in and eating dinner we all piled into what Sean calls the “rolling tomb” and left for the first gig in Toulouse.

Cynic: Day 2

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We landed in Paris after an entire day of travel. Waiting at the baggage claim, we joked that the bass had been lost, but after a few more minutes we started to see the same bags again and we realized the bass was, in fact, missing.

We spoke to a very helpful Air France employee named Olivier who told us that the bass never made it to Paris from our connection in Amsterdam and that it would come on the next flight.

So I stayed behind to pick up the bass while Paul, Sean, and Tymon took the luggage to the hotel. Robin was flying in a couple of hours later, so I waited for him too. Eventually we made our way to the hotel where we all tried to avoid jet lag with some combination of over/under-sleeping.

So now we’re in France with all our gear intact with one more day before the first show.

Cynic Summer Tour 2010

I’ve been meaning to post something about this for a little while to let you guys know what’s coming up, but now we all just have to jump right into this. Prog legends Cynic are going on tour this summer: first in Europe, then in the U.S., and I’m going with them! I’ll be running lights and teching for the band, as well as posting tons of tour coverage right here on the Crossing–and it all starts today.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks rehearsing and programming the light show with the band here in L.A. and now (literally) we’re flying to France for the real thing. Keep checking back, as I’ll be covering the European tour for the next 20 days, posting updates whenever I get a wireless connection. For now, here are some shots from the reahearsals and programming the lights at my house.

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The Lull

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we’ve been kind of lagging on our posts as of late. One thing came up after another and, well, we kind of got distracted. But we’re back now, and things are looking good–soon we’ll be back to our usual barrage of posts regarding things that don’t suck.

We apologize for the lack of updates, and we’d like to thank all of you for being patient with us.

Things may have been slow here on the site, but we haven’t forgotten about the Crossing, or you. We’ve been working hard on some very exciting new projects to make the Crossing even better. We’ll be putting our money where our collective mouth is and giving back to the creative community instead of just critiquing it.

Get ready for some big surprises. Think vinyl, think concerts, think the Crossing made flesh.

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