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Interview: Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity

Over the past two decades, Dark Tranquillity have proven themselves to be perhaps the most consistent and long-lived of the countless melodeath bands to come out of Gothenburg, Sweden. That hasn’t stopped frontman Mikael Stanne from being an exceptionally humble guy, however.

the Crossing: We Are the Void was just released this past week. Are you happy with it?

Mikael Stanne: We love it, we think it’s awesome. I don’t think we’ve ever worked as hard on an album as we did on this one. We had to make sure it was new and different. Last year we celebrated our 20 years as a band we were thinking that this is the album that kicks off the next 20 years. We felt pressure to prove that there’s a reason we’re still around. So there was a lot of pressure, anxiety and self-doubt but it turned out really really well.

We wanted to explore all the different aspects of our sound; everything from the faster thrashy stuff to the ultra melodic and melancholy parts and we think we accomplished it. Continue reading

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