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Taxidermy: Art, or Creepy Desk Lamp?

Today I was introduced to some works by Polly Morgan. A Brit born and raised, now based out of London. Still new to the European art scene, she has been steadily progressing in her chosen medium since 2005. Taught by Scottish taxidermist George C. Jamieson, Morgan has taken the dust and old people smell out of the taxidermy world and introduced the scent of rotting flesh to the rest of us. She tends to use smaller animals, i.e. rabbits or birds, and places them ever so elegantly in unlikely situations. This causes the viewer to think of both the animal and the scene in which it’s depicted in an entirely new fashion.

Polly Morgan’s work has been featured in galleries and publications all over the world, including Juxtapoz, TIME, and Harper’s Bazaar.  You can new tab over to her website, being ever mindful to not close the Crossing tab, to check out all of her works as well as regularly updated showing schedules. In case you don’t care enough or don’t know the keyboard shortcut for new tab for some reason, you’ll find a few of my favorites below. Continue reading

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