Cynic: Day 8

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When I stepped out of the bus and saw the Swiss countryside, I thought we must have stopped somewhere for gas or for our driver to rest. Then I realized the little cafe next to our bus was actually the Bad Bonn.

Before I even had a chance to sit down, the bartender offered me a drink and said that food was on the way. Bad Bonn was quickly becoming my favorite stop on the tour.
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Cynic: Day 7

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I recognized the plaza where The Nachtleben was immediately, having been there almost ten years ago while visiting family here in Frankfurt. I thought it might be fun to come back to Frankfurt, but didn’t expect to actually remember anything.

The venue was basically the basement of a cafe on one of the corners of the plaza, a small room with an even smaller stage and a bar. It was a small place, but seemed to be the premier venue for metal/rock bands. I saw stickers in the dressing room for everyone from Anekdoten to Katatonia, as well as posters and listings for such artists as Dick Dale and Jello Biafra. Continue reading

Cynic: Day 6

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I woke up in Paris to Markus, our tour manager, telling me it was time to load in. Once I stepped outside and saw how nice the weather was in Paris, I forgot about how tired I was and was happy to load in gear first thing in the morning.

The venue, smaller than the one in Lyon, was a pretty cool club–imagine a French version of the Troubadour in L.A. with chandeliers a la the El Rey (where Cynic will be starting their headlining US tour on July 22nd). The techs there were pretty cool and we got everything set up quickly and easily, a first for this tour. During sound check the lighting tech showed me some cool stuff on the three boards I had to work with tonight. Continue reading

Cynic: Day 5

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We arrived in the miserably hot morning for the Lyon Metalfest, the second show of the tour. It wasn’t really any hotter than Toulouse, I suppose, but the venue feeling like a sauna made it seem far worse. Our tour manager nearly fainted while running the merch booth upstairs.

This was Cynic’s second time at this venue. The last time they played there was during their tour with Opeth. Continue reading

Album Review: Current 93 – Baalstorm, Sing Omega

Despite only one year lying between Baalstorm, Sing Omega and its predecessor Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain, there’s a drastic difference in the sound of both albums. Aleph was an angry record, centered on harsh guitar stabs and razorblade leads – a very deliberate texture overload accompanied by an appropriately aggressive vocal delivery from David Tibet. Baalstorm, Sing Omega is much more delicate in contrast, calling upon the flow and cascade of piano and cello instead, moving in wave-like surges and nudging along Tibet’s abstract ramblings, which babble breathlessly with an epiphanic urgency.

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Constructive Destruction 3

Here is yet another art show not to be missed, and I’ll tell you why: I’m in it. This show, put on by LD LMT, is the debut of the film Constructive Destruction 3, which showcases today’s finest freight train painters. The film is shot by dozens of contributors, including some of the artists themselves. The event will include the premiere viewing of the film and freight train photography by several benchers, myself included. (Benching is a term used to describing the hobby in which you find and explore train yards to view the art painted on them, most often photographing what you find.) This is going to be huge. Great photography, great film, and giveaways by the sponsors, who, might I say, are incredible. You can no doubt expect event coverage to follow, including the usual expansive photo gallery and video walkthrough.

Be sure to check back the day after the show for updates. I fully expect to see all of you there; this could end up being the show of the year. You’ll notice that, unlike every other show I’ve suggested, this one costs money. The $5 entry fee, however, is a small price to pay to see the first showing of this major film, not to mention the great art being showcased and the possibility to win your money back in the form of prizes/giveaways.

For now, check out the full length Constructive Destruction 3 after the jump, and follow this link for directions. Continue reading

Interview: Mike Fearo (DCV, UTI)

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with world-renowned artist Fear. We spent our time chatting about what he has been up to recently, and what we can expect to see from him in the coming future.

the Crossing: Starting off with the basics, what is your name?

Fear: Fear–I go by Fear (Fearo, Fear one)

tC: What crews do you represent?
F: I represent DCV, a crew I started in 1988. I’m also down with UTI and BLA.

tC: And where are you from?
F: I come out of Los Angeles, California. Bellflower to be exact.

tC: Cool. So how long have you been painting?
F: I started painting in 1983, I was painting a kind of street graffiti. It wasn’t what you see today. In 1984 is when I became FEAR ONE. Continue reading

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