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Sky High Murals

Today we take a look at a dying art form: hand-painted ads. If you’re someone who has any kind of opinion about the advertisements you see everyday, this might throw you for a loop. These guys are amazing. Working in New York, flying high over the traffic, they hand-paint huge custom murals for ad agencies. I have to say, I’d much rather have these any day over those invasive vinyl building wraps, or illegally-installed billboards. The men you watch in this short film, sponsored by Stella Artois for some reason, may be the last in the business.

Not only a surprisingly informative little twelve-and-a-half-minute film, it’s shot beautifully and available in a reasonably high-def setting. Enough of my buttering up, let’s get to the film. I give you: Up There


HVW8 presents : Disaster (UPDATE: event coverage)

This Friday, April 9th, The HVW8 Production House presents Disaster. The event is in celebration of the launch of Heel Bruise, the last of the Disaster Magazine publications, and will feature new works by Lance Mountain, Skypage, and Thomas Yu, as well as a book signing. The first few people to grab the book will also receive a Disaster t-shirt, so early arrival is suggested.

Lance, a world-class skateboarder and artist, will be spinning the night’s tunes in addition to showing his work. This is an event that sounds like a lot of fun–I’m sure there will be many other notable artists and skaters, and the fact that it’s sponsored soley by Pabst leads me to believe there might be free beer. Free beer, free admission, and amazing artwork: I don’t know why anyone would stay home that night.

The following is the official statement from HVW8:
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The White Mice

Two days ago I ventured down to The Mountain Bar, my favorite spot in Chinatown  I was there to see Lesbian, but after waiting three hours for the late band to arrive, decided I just couldn’t do it any longer and went home. However, it wasn’t a total loss: I had the pleasure of being introduced to an absolutely mind blowing band, The White Mice. I am pretty big into grindcore and the like, and bands like this are why. Not only the music, which was gut-churning to say the least, but the theatrics of it all. These guys have been rocking the east coast since 2001 and putting in some serious work ever since.

From Providence, Rhode Island, this insane three-piece has assumed the lives of dirty, sewer-dwelling mice who seem to have gone insane at some point in the process of forming the band. With nineteen albums out on ten labels–not to mention a few self-releases–these guys just won’t stop. The level of sick, twisted humor is astounding. Tracks like ‘Cheesus Saves’ and ‘Rattarddead’ lead me to believe these guys know they’re funny. Continue reading

Banksy: Exit Through the Gift Shop

To be honest, I’m not a Banksy fan. Even his fans are frustrating to me most of the time. Why? Well, I find that many people who know his work don’t know many others; if you like a particular style, I think you should make an effort to know more than just one practitioner. Regardless, Banksy’s new film Exit Through the Gift Shop looks awesome–maybe its time for me to eat my words. From the little info available on the film, I understand it to be rather innovative in that it shows not just the success, actions and mindset a serious street artist works with, but the devastation, paranoia, and stress that more often comes with it. Labeled “the first street art disaster film,’ the UK trailer shows us pretty much that.

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Czer (UCA)

Today let’s take a quick look at one of my favorite street artists/graffiti writers: Czer, one of L.A.’s best. Here’s a high quality video brought to us by GraffHead of Czer (UCA) painting one of his awesomely disgusting characters larger than life.

New Works from Patrick Martinez

Patrick Martinez is a Los Angeles-based fine artist originally educated on the streets. As a graffiti writer in the early 1990s, he found his love for the creative process and began developing his skills.  After attending Pasadena High School of Visual Arts and Design, he went on to Pasadena Community College. While attending school, and for some time afterward, Martinez worked primarily in the hip-hop community that raised him–he served as Art Director for Concentrated Entertainment for two years, all the while freelancing for other labels such as Stones Throw and Divine Forces.

His own personal work stayed on the back-burner until 2001, when he felt it was time to move forward and got himself into Art Center in Pasadena.  Finally focusing on himself as an artist, he left his final schooling with a BA in Fine Art and found himself working on the things he had always envisioned: showcasing the scenes and people of Los Angeles, giving us examples of the everyday beauty we as Angelinos usually take for granted. Continue reading

Bearings Glocken

Here is an example of what I believe we all here at the Crossing are all about: music, creativity, and a do-it-yourself attitude. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Bearings Glocken.

Using steel ball bearings and computer-driven servos, this insane device can play it all. In this case, we are given a simple demo. Direct your way over to their site to see and read more about it.

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