Cynic: Day 10

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Imagine a classic Italian village and you’ll get an idea of where today’s show was. Our driver Tide (pronounced TEE-day) had to maneuver our bus through the incredibly narrow streets and steep hills to find the Mephisto Rock Cafe, where Cynic was supposed to play. After the technical nightmare that was the night before, we were a little worried about going to a tiny venue in a small town, but we were met with a very helpful local crew at what ended up being a pretty cool, club They even found us a new power supply for our lighting controller.

This wine-cellar-turned-metal-club looked more like a cave than a venue, but in a good way. After taking a look around, it was time to load in our gear, which ended up being pretty complicated. After several attempts at getting the bus and trailer through the streets and around the tight corners, we decided to just park at the bottom of the hill and have the local crew shuttle the gear to the club.The usual routine followed: set up, soundcheck, wait around. But dinner was a little better tonight. The promoter for the show took us out to nearby restaurant for great food and even better wine and cheese. When we got back to the venue it was already filling up, and by the time Cynic got onstage it was packed. After their set I couldn’t even get on stage to break down the gear because there were too many people swarming the stage looking for fallen guitar picks and non-existent set lists.

We did eventually manage to get onstage and pack up the gear, and now we’re on our way back to Switzerland, this time to an actual city (as opposed to the field where Bad Bonn was).

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