Cynic: Day 9

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Gorizia, Italy was something of a disaster: it was, at once, one of the best and worst shows of the tour. On one hand, we had so many technical issues that we almost forgot about how ridiculously hot it was; on the other hand, it was a packed venue filled with very excited, passionate fans banging their heads and singing along to every song. Ultimately it was a great night, but the entire day leading up to Cynic’s set was a nightmare.

The first thing to go wrong was the fog machine dying during soundcheck. The sound it was making at Bad Bonn had gotten much worse, and finally it just stopped churning out any smoke at all. After taking it apart, we decided (without knowing anything of the inner workings of fog machines) that the damage was irreperable and we needed a new one. We asked the promoter to arrange one for the night, and were told it would be there soon.

Now that the fog issue had been taken care of, we moved on to the next disaster: the power supply for our light controller was dead and the odd-sized jack was making it difficult to find a match. So off I went, rummaging through the venue, looking for a replacement power supply. Meanwhile, the power in the main room went out during the second band’s set–the night was looking better already. The power came back and the second band finished their set as I finally found a power supply that we were able to borrow for the night.

I went to the dressing room to test our new power supply and found the new, tank-like fog machine waiting for me. We were pretty certain we’d be in good shape as far as fog for this show. The light controller turned on and I could finally relax for a few minutes until the third band finished their set with no power failures.

Finally it was time for Cynic to go on. I got the stage ready for the band and went to turn on our new heavy duty fog machine and…no fog. Awesome.

Everything else seemed to be working, so we went ahead with the fogless show. The set was going great until the power went out in the middle of “Celestial Voyage.” After a minute or two of scrambling around, the venue’s tech got the power back on and the show was amazing from that point on. This crowd may have been the loudest of the tour so far…Paris was a close second, though.

Tomorrow, we’d have to find a permanent solution to our fog and power issues in a small Italian village near Alessandria.

    • Mystique
    • June 15th, 2010

    Of course the were the loudest! They’re italian!

    • sarcastic cynic
    • June 16th, 2010

    celestial birth, lol

      • Omeed Izadyar
      • June 17th, 2010

      lol, thanks.

    • Cheats
    • June 18th, 2010

    fuck fogless shows man. at least there was no fog to freak band members out…

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