Cynic: Day 7

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I recognized the plaza where The Nachtleben was immediately, having been there almost ten years ago while visiting family here in Frankfurt. I thought it might be fun to come back to Frankfurt, but didn’t expect to actually remember anything.

The venue was basically the basement of a cafe on one of the corners of the plaza, a small room with an even smaller stage and a bar. It was a small place, but seemed to be the premier venue for metal/rock bands. I saw stickers in the dressing room for everyone from Anekdoten to Katatonia, as well as posters and listings for such artists as Dick Dale and Jello Biafra.

After loafing in we noticed some mannequins by the bar, which Markus brilliantly used to showcase Cynic’s summer t-shirt collection.

The club was filled with die-hard fans. One of them, wearing the Cynic tour shirt from ’94, bought seven shirts! I think they were all the same design, too.

After the show, the band spent the next hour or so hanging out with their fans. While we were packing up the gear, Sean signed a pair of drumsticks for a guy who assured us that neither of the sticks would show up on eBay.

Our next stop is the Bad Bonn, a tiny venue in the woods of Switzerland where Paul and Sean played on their 1994 tour and the 2007 reunion tour.

    • Brandon Scales
    • June 11th, 2010

    cynic shirt for every day of the week. metal.

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