Cynic: Day 6

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I woke up in Paris to Markus, our tour manager, telling me it was time to load in. Once I stepped outside and saw how nice the weather was in Paris, I forgot about how tired I was and was happy to load in gear first thing in the morning.

The venue, smaller than the one in Lyon, was a pretty cool club–imagine a French version of the Troubadour in L.A. with chandeliers a la the El Rey (where Cynic will be starting their headlining US tour on July 22nd). The techs there were pretty cool and we got everything set up quickly and easily, a first for this tour. During sound check the lighting tech showed me some cool stuff on the three boards I had to work with tonight.This was the first non-festival headlining date of the tour, so everyone was pretty excited about the gig. Our friends in Gorod were direct support for this show. Somehow I’d never heard Gorod before, but their performance at the Tolouse Metalfest made them one of the first death metal bands to impress me in quite some time. It was good to see them onstage again.

The club filled up pretty quickly after doors opened and the merch booth got swarmed immediately. Gorod, being from France, played to a room filled with friends and fans before Cynic took the stage. The show went great, with Cynic playing their full 90 minute set, which consists of basically every song they have, not including the “re-tracings”. If this is any indication of what the headlining US tour is going to be like, all you Cynic fans back home are in for a treat.

After a killer show in Paris, it felt like the tour was really starting, and we were on our way to gig #4 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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