Cynic: Day 5

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We arrived in the miserably hot morning for the Lyon Metalfest, the second show of the tour. It wasn’t really any hotter than Toulouse, I suppose, but the venue feeling like a sauna made it seem far worse. Our tour manager nearly fainted while running the merch booth upstairs.

This was Cynic’s second time at this venue. The last time they played there was during their tour with Opeth.

Another festival date means another short set, but at least this one was an hour (normally they’re 40 minutes). With a longer set, bigger stage, better lights and sound, and much more helpful lighting techs, this show was already better than the last one.

After sound checking and building some make-shift light stands, Sean did an interview while the rest of us divided our time between watching the other bands and trying to escape the heat, which only got worse as the day went on. For the second time in a row, Cynic went on after Loudblast and, as we’d anticipated, it was a much better show. After the show, Paul did a video interview before we loaded back into the bus and left for Paris.

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