Constructive Destruction 3

Here is yet another art show not to be missed, and I’ll tell you why: I’m in it. This show, put on by LD LMT, is the debut of the film Constructive Destruction 3, which showcases today’s finest freight train painters. The film is shot by dozens of contributors, including some of the artists themselves. The event will include the premiere viewing of the film and freight train photography by several benchers, myself included. (Benching is a term used to describing the hobby in which you find and explore train yards to view the art painted on them, most often photographing what you find.) This is going to be huge. Great photography, great film, and giveaways by the sponsors, who, might I say, are incredible. You can no doubt expect event coverage to follow, including the usual expansive photo gallery and video walkthrough.

Be sure to check back the day after the show for updates. I fully expect to see all of you there; this could end up being the show of the year. You’ll notice that, unlike every other show I’ve suggested, this one costs money. The $5 entry fee, however, is a small price to pay to see the first showing of this major film, not to mention the great art being showcased and the possibility to win your money back in the form of prizes/giveaways.

For now, check out the full length Constructive Destruction 3 after the jump, and follow this link for directions.

  1. June 12th, 2010

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