Cynic: Day 4

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Today marks the first show of the tour, the Toulouse Metalfest at Le Phare. Alongside Cynic were Gorod, Paradise Lost, Soulfly, and Loudblast, who Sean and Paul toured with in 1994 while still members of Death. This was my first time running lights for the band outside of rehearsal, as well as my first time running lights for a concert, ever. Needless to say, I was a little bit nervous.

Because of the restrictions of the venue, I had to do the lights from the side of the stage, hence the camera angles. It wasn’t too bad, though; that was the view I had at the first few rehearsals, anyway. It was a little hard to hear the band over Sean from
back there, however.

After the initial panic and the communication disaster with the venue’s lighting engineer, we got the show started smoothly. Because it was a festival, the guys only played 40 minutes of their full 90 minute set.

It’s now several hours after the show and we’re back in the bus on our way to gig #2 at the Lyon Metalfest, where Cynic will share the stage with Loudblast again.

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