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EP Review: Skullflower/White Medal – Split

The Skullflower contribution to this split won’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Matthew Bower’s recent output. “Great Hunter” is streams upon streams of noise, shouting down a crackling melody that just barely scrapes the surface of audibility – kind of like someone taking a dirty, bludgeoning axe to The Angelic Process. It’s riddled with the same grimy catharsis as his latest album – Strange Keys to Untune Gods’ Firmament – and makes for equally as relentless and exhausting listening as that LP.

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Album Review: Baby Dee – A Book of Songs for Anne Marie

A Book of Songs for Anne Marie isn’t technically a new album – the more avid of Dee fans may have even owned a copy of this from as early as 2004, when it was first issued on David Tibet’s Durtro label. However, this initial release was limited to a mere 150 copies and recorded briskly once through on the piano; the fact that A Book Of Songs… has now been granted a more thorough recording process and distribution means that it’s more than justified to refer to this as its first proper release.

Considering that these songs are amongst her most beautiful compositions in years, why they’ve been allowed to lie dormant for so long is mighty puzzling. The more theatrical execution of 2008’s Safe Inside the Day has been discarded in favour of the dainty romance that dominated her earlier output, with gorgeous chord cycles that loop endlessly and weave and entwine with the strings and woodwind that drift alongside. Dee’s voice has never felt more at home, rising into heartfelt climax and falling back into barely-whispered murmurs in response to every dynamic flex the tracks throw out. She is in phenomenal form here.

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HVW8 presents : Disaster (UPDATE: event coverage)

This Friday, April 9th, The HVW8 Production House presents Disaster. The event is in celebration of the launch of Heel Bruise, the last of the Disaster Magazine publications, and will feature new works by Lance Mountain, Skypage, and Thomas Yu, as well as a book signing. The first few people to grab the book will also receive a Disaster t-shirt, so early arrival is suggested.

Lance, a world-class skateboarder and artist, will be spinning the night’s tunes in addition to showing his work. This is an event that sounds like a lot of fun–I’m sure there will be many other notable artists and skaters, and the fact that it’s sponsored soley by Pabst leads me to believe there might be free beer. Free beer, free admission, and amazing artwork: I don’t know why anyone would stay home that night.

The following is the official statement from HVW8:
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The White Mice

Two days ago I ventured down to The Mountain Bar, my favorite spot in Chinatown  I was there to see Lesbian, but after waiting three hours for the late band to arrive, decided I just couldn’t do it any longer and went home. However, it wasn’t a total loss: I had the pleasure of being introduced to an absolutely mind blowing band, The White Mice. I am pretty big into grindcore and the like, and bands like this are why. Not only the music, which was gut-churning to say the least, but the theatrics of it all. These guys have been rocking the east coast since 2001 and putting in some serious work ever since.

From Providence, Rhode Island, this insane three-piece has assumed the lives of dirty, sewer-dwelling mice who seem to have gone insane at some point in the process of forming the band. With nineteen albums out on ten labels–not to mention a few self-releases–these guys just won’t stop. The level of sick, twisted humor is astounding. Tracks like ‘Cheesus Saves’ and ‘Rattarddead’ lead me to believe these guys know they’re funny. Continue reading

Banksy: Exit Through the Gift Shop

To be honest, I’m not a Banksy fan. Even his fans are frustrating to me most of the time. Why? Well, I find that many people who know his work don’t know many others; if you like a particular style, I think you should make an effort to know more than just one practitioner. Regardless, Banksy’s new film Exit Through the Gift Shop looks awesome–maybe its time for me to eat my words. From the little info available on the film, I understand it to be rather innovative in that it shows not just the success, actions and mindset a serious street artist works with, but the devastation, paranoia, and stress that more often comes with it. Labeled “the first street art disaster film,’ the UK trailer shows us pretty much that.

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Diamond Eyes Cover Art, New Release Date

The release date for Diamond Eyes, the new album from Deftones, has been moved up two weeks: Originally slated for May 18th, it’s now coming out on May 4th. Here’s the artwork, which I must say is pretty damn nice:

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