The Lull

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we’ve been kind of lagging on our posts as of late. One thing came up after another and, well, we kind of got distracted. But we’re back now, and things are looking good–soon we’ll be back to our usual barrage of posts regarding things that don’t suck.

We apologize for the lack of updates, and we’d like to thank all of you for being patient with us.

Things may have been slow here on the site, but we haven’t forgotten about the Crossing, or you. We’ve been working hard on some very exciting new projects to make the Crossing even better. We’ll be putting our money where our collective mouth is and giving back to the creative community instead of just critiquing it.

Get ready for some big surprises. Think vinyl, think concerts, think the Crossing made flesh.

  1. April 30th, 2010

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