HVW8 presents : Disaster (UPDATE: event coverage)

This Friday, April 9th, The HVW8 Production House presents Disaster. The event is in celebration of the launch of Heel Bruise, the last of the Disaster Magazine publications, and will feature new works by Lance Mountain, Skypage, and Thomas Yu, as well as a book signing. The first few people to grab the book will also receive a Disaster t-shirt, so early arrival is suggested.

Lance, a world-class skateboarder and artist, will be spinning the night’s tunes in addition to showing his work. This is an event that sounds like a lot of fun–I’m sure there will be many other notable artists and skaters, and the fact that it’s sponsored soley by Pabst leads me to believe there might be free beer. Free beer, free admission, and amazing artwork: I don’t know why anyone would stay home that night.

The following is the official statement from HVW8:

“On Friday April 9th the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery will be hosting the Heel Bruise book launch for the last batch of Disaster zines. Celebrating its origins in counter culture youth movements and DIY bookmaking, the Disaster zine highlights the art of Lance Mountain, Thomas Yu, and SkyPage. The final edition comes signed and numbered with a Disaster zine tee shirt. Also on display will be a selection of new works from the three contributing artists, and sounds courtesy of Ras Dynamite (aka Lance C. Mountain).”

Again, this sounds like a lot of fun. I hope to see you guys there. Grab me and say hello if you manage to make it out. The below links are for you to familiarize yourself with the artists before you go, just in case you’re not already a fan.





Check out the flyer for directions to the show. See you there!

UPDATE: Event Coverage

Just like I said, this show was awesome. Great works, great location, great people. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay long at all; my journalism teachers would be mad at me. I was thought to be the first to arrive and the last to leave. I was the first there, and I think the first to leave. I wasn’t even there long enough for the truckload of free Pabst to get cold enough to drink. Sometimes life’s other duties call. Nevertheless, I got to see all there was to see and enjoy the company of the event’s promoters and coordinators, which allowed me to rack their brains for more info about the event and the publication. If you were not able to make it out, shame on you, but I’ve done my job and supplied you with the below links. Check them out. It will be almost as good as being there yourself.


Video walkthrough

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