Banksy: Exit Through the Gift Shop

To be honest, I’m not a Banksy fan. Even his fans are frustrating to me most of the time. Why? Well, I find that many people who know his work don’t know many others; if you like a particular style, I think you should make an effort to know more than just one practitioner. Regardless, Banksy’s new film Exit Through the Gift Shop looks awesome–maybe its time for me to eat my words. From the little info available on the film, I understand it to be rather innovative in that it shows not just the success, actions and mindset a serious street artist works with, but the devastation, paranoia, and stress that more often comes with it. Labeled “the first street art disaster film,’ the UK trailer shows us pretty much that.

For a little while now, Ive read reviews and watched it travel the world waiting for our turn. Well, it has arrived. Now we just have to all count our change and hope we have enough to go see it.  The US dates are as follows:

Opening On April 16th:

New York: Sunshine Theater

New York: Lincoln Plaza,
Los Angeles: The Landmark
Los Angeles: Arclight, Hollywood
San Francisco: Embarcadero
Berkeley: Shattuck
San Rafael: Rafael
Palo Alto: Aquarius,

Opening On April 23rd:

Philadelphia: Ritz 5
Chicago: Century
Seattle: Harvard Exit,
Boston: Kendall Square

Opening On April 30th:

Minneapolis: Lagoon
Washington DC; E Street
Baltimore: Harbor
Atlanta: Midtown Art
Denver: Mayan
San Diego: Hillcrest

Opening May 7th:

Detroit: Maple Art
Houston: River Oaks
Dallas: Angelika
Milwaukee: Downer
Providennce: Avon

Opening May 14th:

St Louis: Plaza Frontenac, St. Louis

I honestly don’t know how long the film will be playing each venue.  I’m hoping the average three weeks or so most films receive; again, I just don’t know. I am told that there will be more to come.  I’ll be counting my pennies and planning on going to see it the 16th.

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