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Winterthrall Post New Song

Winterthrall, one of L.A.’s better metal bands, have posted a demo of a new song from their forthcoming album, Within the Church of None, on their Myspace. The demo is an instrumental version of a song called “Council of the Lost.”

When I interviewed Winterthrall last year on my old internet radio show about the release of their Stormraven EP, they told me that the next album would see the band getting back to their more aggressive side and if “Council of the Lost” is anything like the rest of the album, they have definitely kept their promise.

For the first few seconds you might think that Winterthrall and I have lied to you, but before you get a chance to complain you’ll be pummeled  by the all-out blackened death metal attack that this band has come to be known for. Continue reading


Interview: Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity

Over the past two decades, Dark Tranquillity have proven themselves to be perhaps the most consistent and long-lived of the countless melodeath bands to come out of Gothenburg, Sweden. That hasn’t stopped frontman Mikael Stanne from being an exceptionally humble guy, however.

the Crossing: We Are the Void was just released this past week. Are you happy with it?

Mikael Stanne: We love it, we think it’s awesome. I don’t think we’ve ever worked as hard on an album as we did on this one. We had to make sure it was new and different. Last year we celebrated our 20 years as a band we were thinking that this is the album that kicks off the next 20 years. We felt pressure to prove that there’s a reason we’re still around. So there was a lot of pressure, anxiety and self-doubt but it turned out really really well.

We wanted to explore all the different aspects of our sound; everything from the faster thrashy stuff to the ultra melodic and melancholy parts and we think we accomplished it. Continue reading

Cynic – Re-Traced EP Details

Season of Mist have announced the details of the new Cynic EP, Re-Traced.

As we mentioned in our previous post about this, the EP will contain 4 reinterpretations of Traced in Air songs, as well as one previously unreleased track. The EP will also include a video and new artwork, by Travis Smith, based on Venosa’s original Traced in Air artwork.

Re-Traced is set for a May 17th release date. Continue reading

Pyramids with Nadja 12″ Pre-Order Update

Well, apparently Hydra Head sold out of the initial pre-order amount of the Pyramids with Nadja remix 12″ but they felt sorry for you so they made 50 more available. If you missed your chance to order one of these and didn’t even know it, this is your second chance to make sure you get one. They’re only making 50 more available for pre-order, so you should probably hurry up if you want to get a copy.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here for the original article.

Free Southern Lord Sampler

Amazon is offering a Southern Lord sampler CD as a free download. That’s it. You get free music. Go.

The sampler came out late last year and includes an exclusive Sunn O))) track, “Isengard (Chopped and Screwed)”.

Click here to download the sampler. Continue reading

Earth/Wolves in the Throne Room Tour

This April, Earth and Wolves in the Throne Room are teaming up for a short tour of the west coast. They will be joined by cellist Lori Goldston, who will also be part of Earth’s live band during the tour.

Earth will be performing some material from their next full-length album, which should be out some time early next year on Southern Lord.

I can tell you that Earth are fantastic live, and seeing them perform new music as part of their set will be a special treat. I’ve yet to see Wolves in the Throne Room live, but if they’re half as good live as they are on record then you won’t want to miss them. Continue reading

Introducing: The Samurai Series

the Crossing is proud to announce the Samurai Series, an ongoing look at exemplary works of samurai cinema. You may have noticed that several of our recent reviews have been of samurai films; this is no accident. For more, check out the Series here.

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