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Lesbian Announce “Left Coast” Tour

Lesbian have announced a spring tour of the United States’ “left coast” entitled the Rainbow Urine Snake Attack Tour.

This 12 date tour starts tomorrow, March 25th, in Bellingham, Washington.

Of course this happens right when I’m out of town. If I’m back in L.A. before they go on next Saturday at the Mountain Bar, I’ll see you there.

Full list of dates after the jump. Continue reading


Hammers of Misfortune Cover Freebird

John Cobbett and friends got together recently, at the request of Guy Overfelt, to do a cover of “Freebird.” Yes, that “Freebird”.

“Covering this old chestnut without sounding totally cheeseball was quite a challenge,” Cobbet Said.

Produced and arranged by Cobbet, this track features many Hammers and non-Hammers personnel, and was recorded at Trakworx by Justin Weis in January 2010. (Full lineup after the jump.)

There’s not much else to say about this other than that it’s awesome – even more awesome than you think.

Click here to download the song, or go to the Crossing’s Myspace page to listen to it. Continue reading

Bearings Glocken

Here is an example of what I believe we all here at the Crossing are all about: music, creativity, and a do-it-yourself attitude. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Bearings Glocken.

Using steel ball bearings and computer-driven servos, this insane device can play it all. In this case, we are given a simple demo. Direct your way over to their site to see and read more about it.

RETNA: Desaturated

Tonight is the opening night of RETNA’s solo show at New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles. RETNA is an amazing L.A.-based graffiti writer representing the well-known MSK/AWR/7TH LETTER crews. For those of you who are not yet familiar with his work, below are some helpful tools to prepare you for tonight’s event.

If any of you make it out to the show, please shoot me an email. I would love to ask you some questions and get my hands on any visual coverage you may have. Continue reading

Troubled Horse – Bring My Horses Home 7″

The debut 7″ single from Troubled Horse, Bring My Horses Home, brings to mind bands of the ’60s and ’70s, and will make you wish you were living back then until you realize that, with bands like this around, you’re not missing anything!

After years of waiting (nearly three for me), the first tangible evidence of Troubled Horse’s existence has arrived and, while anyone who knows the band will have heard these two songs hundreds of times by now, this 7″ still feels new and was well worth the wait. These songs sound so much better than the mp3s on the band’s Myspace page (or even our Myspace page) it feels like you’re hearing them for the first time.

Side A’s “Bring My Horses Home” starts off our Troubled Horse journey, acting as a perfect introduction to the band. This song has everything these guys are about, from the foot-tapping rhythms to the catchy hooks that stick with you all day long to the heavy ’70s doom riffs and even some handclaps thrown in for good measure. Continue reading

Spike Jonze’s I’m Here Available to Watch Online

I’m Here, a short film directed by Spike Jonze that debuted earlier this year at Sundance, can be viewed online for free at its official website. 31 minutes in length, the film is a love story about two robots. It’s financed by Absolut Vodka and is screened at regular intervals, so be sure to time your visit wisely.

First look: Murder Construct

After ten years in the making, grindcore supergroup Murder Construct has finally hit the scene. I had the pleasure of speaking with drummer Danny Walker about the group’s first show, which takes place the 27th of this month at The BLVD. Continue reading

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