New Works from Patrick Martinez

Patrick Martinez is a Los Angeles-based fine artist originally educated on the streets. As a graffiti writer in the early 1990s, he found his love for the creative process and began developing his skills.  After attending Pasadena High School of Visual Arts and Design, he went on to Pasadena Community College. While attending school, and for some time afterward, Martinez worked primarily in the hip-hop community that raised him–he served as Art Director for Concentrated Entertainment for two years, all the while freelancing for other labels such as Stones Throw and Divine Forces.

His own personal work stayed on the back-burner until 2001, when he felt it was time to move forward and got himself into Art Center in Pasadena.  Finally focusing on himself as an artist, he left his final schooling with a BA in Fine Art and found himself working on the things he had always envisioned: showcasing the scenes and people of Los Angeles, giving us examples of the everyday beauty we as Angelinos usually take for granted.

His newest works are just that: the beauty and simplicity that has surrounded him from childhood. In my opinion, few modern-day painters use a brush the way classic masters did–as an extension of the body–but Patrick Martinez is an exception. He paints with his entire body in a very fluid style; still incorporating his street style techniques, such as reverse layering and mixture of media, his work is slowly brought to life. In this video, we get the pleasure of watching the artist at work. Three weeks in the making, time-lapse photography breaks it down to a convenient three-and-a-half minutes.

More works and updates can be found on his website.  This is definitely an artist we will be seeing in the future.  He is on his way to the top, and following his race upward should be extremely entertaining.

    • rami izadyar
    • March 25th, 2010

    love it.

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