Troubled Horse – Bring My Horses Home 7″

The debut 7″ single from Troubled Horse, Bring My Horses Home, brings to mind bands of the ’60s and ’70s, and will make you wish you were living back then until you realize that, with bands like this around, you’re not missing anything!

After years of waiting (nearly three for me), the first tangible evidence of Troubled Horse’s existence has arrived and, while anyone who knows the band will have heard these two songs hundreds of times by now, this 7″ still feels new and was well worth the wait. These songs sound so much better than the mp3s on the band’s Myspace page (or even our Myspace page) it feels like you’re hearing them for the first time.

Side A’s “Bring My Horses Home” starts off our Troubled Horse journey, acting as a perfect introduction to the band. This song has everything these guys are about, from the foot-tapping rhythms to the catchy hooks that stick with you all day long to the heavy ’70s doom riffs and even some handclaps thrown in for good measure.

Martin Heppich really shines here, as the vocals drive the song. Even the “whoa-oh-ohs” are cool. I don’t think I’ve ever said that before.

Guitarists Heppich and John Hoyles (Witchcraft) work perfectly together. Everything in this song fits exactly where it should, from lead guitars to vocals, right down to the tambourines. This is just good songwriting.

Side B brings us to “Shirleen,” which shows us the band’s heavier side without ignoring the hooks that make them so much fun to listen to. While “Bring My Horses Home” is more about the vocals and the “song,” “Shirleen” is all about the riff. This one will get you to bang your head, even if you’re just sitting on your couch. If it doesn’t, you have no soul.

That this band’s first release is a 7″ vinyl record is a perfect example of where they’re coming from and what they’re about. This is the way their music was meant to be heard. So, if you’re a fan, this 7″ is a must, because those mp3s we’ve all been listening to for the last couple of years just aren’t good enough, especially when it’s available on vinyl. And if you’re not a fan, you should be, so why don’t you go ahead and buy it too?

Click here to buy Troubled Horse’s Bring My Horses Home 7″ from Crusher Records.

You can listen to both of the tracks from the new single on Troubled Horse’s Myspace page or listen to “Shirleen” on the Crossing’s Myspace.

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