First look: Murder Construct

After ten years in the making, grindcore supergroup Murder Construct has finally hit the scene. I had the pleasure of speaking with drummer Danny Walker about the group’s first show, which takes place the 27th of this month at The BLVD.

The lineup is as follows:

Travis Ryan: Vocals (Cattle Decapitation)
Leon del Muerte: Guitar (Intronaut, Phobia)
Kevin Bernier: Guitar (Fetus Eaters, Watch Me Burn)
Caleb Schneider: Bass (Bad Acid Trip)
Danny Walker: Drums (Intronaut, Uphill Battle)

To ready yourself for the face-melting, eardrum-popping madness, make your way over to their Myspace page and listen to two very promising, if rough, tracks. You can also follow them on Twitter, and head over to the BLVD‘s website to get your hands on some tickets.  I would recommend doing so now; I have a feeling this show will sell out.  Others on the set list include Uphill Battle and the always amazing Cattle Decapitation. This is a show not to be missed.

I’ve gotten myself an exclusive interview with the band and will also be shooting the show.  Just in case you aren’t able to make it, or even if you are, get yourself back here to the Crossing the day after the show for the interview and photos from the event.

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