Winterthrall Post New Song

Winterthrall, one of L.A.’s better metal bands, have posted a demo of a new song from their forthcoming album, Within the Church of None, on their Myspace. The demo is an instrumental version of a song called “Council of the Lost.”

When I interviewed Winterthrall last year on my old internet radio show about the release of their Stormraven EP, they told me that the next album would see the band getting back to their more aggressive side and if “Council of the Lost” is anything like the rest of the album, they have definitely kept their promise.

For the first few seconds you might think that Winterthrall and I have lied to you, but before you get a chance to complain you’ll be pummeled  by the all-out blackened death metal attack that this band has come to be known for.

While Stormraven represents the more subtle, brooding side of the band, this song proves that Winterthrall haven’t lost their edge. In some ways it’s a bit refreshing to hear this forceful, punishing “metal” song after the release of such a solemn, foreboding, doom-laden piece. Many times, when bands begin to traverse new sonic territory, they continue to move only in that one direction for the rest of their careers, but Winterthrall are proving that they have more than one trick up their frostbitten sleeves.

When I first heard Stormraven I thought, “this everything that I love about this band,” but “Council of the Lost” is reminding me how much I enjoyed it when Winterthrall simply beat me to death with their songs.

That the Stormraven EP was meant to act as a precursor to Within the Church of None is as perfect in practice as it was in theory. With the release of Within the Church of None, Winterthrall will show you what Stormraven made you so afraid of.


Visit Winterthrall’s official Myspace to hear “Council of the Lost” and scroll down a little bit to find their webstore and pick up one, or both, of the CDs available. I say go for both; it’s cheap enough and you won’t regret it.

For our L.A. readers, Winterthrall are playing at the Blue Cafe in Huntington Beach this Friday with our friends in Phavian, and Destroy Judas (ft. Steve Nelson of Winterthrall). Visit any of these bands’ pages for more info on the show.

    • rob
    • March 18th, 2010

    Hey Omeed!
    Thanks for the review- but to clarify, this song is fucking old! It’s been making the rounds since Josh first joined back in 2006. This was recorded at the same time “Stormraven” was recorded- same session. And as you can clearly hear- it’s sloppy as fuck! haha Steve really needs to use discretion when posting shit like this. Not the best performance of this song, but you can certainly get the gist of where this new cd is heading. Ice picks firmly planted in your foreheads!

      • Omeed Izadyar
      • March 18th, 2010

      Rob, you’re making me look bad! haha! Thanks for the update, the “new” song’s killer anyway. Can’t wait to hear the record!

      …in my forehead is where I like my ice picks!

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