Quentin Tarantino Saves The New Beverly

Just one more reason why Quentin Tarantino is awesome. He has saved one of my favorite things ever, the New Beverly Cinema.

The theater was facing its end, but Tarantino, who had apparently been paying $5,000 a month to keep the place afloat for some time now, couldn’t let that happen, as he’s been going to the New Beverly “ever since (he) was old enough to drive there from the South Bay.” “As long as I’m alive,” Tarantino said, “and as long as I’m rich, the New Beverly will be there, showing double features in 35mm.”

Sherman Torgan, who once commented on my Meshuggah shirt as he sold me tickets to his theater, took over The Beverly Cinema in 1978. He then changed the name to The New Beverly Cinema and changed the programming from live nude dancing to classic, independent, and foreign films. The Torgan family has been playing killer double features every night since and will continue to do so as Tarantino is letting the Torgans continue to run the theater.

Some of my New Beverly memorabilia.

All of us here at the Crossing are huge fans of the New Beverly (just go look at the “people we like” section of our links: the New Beverly has been there since day one of this site), and we’re all very happy to hear that it is sticking around. I have Quentin Tarantino to thank for turning me on to the New Beverly with his Grindhouse Festival in 2007 (yes, admittedly, I am a bit of a New Beverly noob) and now have him to thank for more amazing films at amazing prices from the Torgans’ New Beverly Cinema for years to come. So, thank you Quentin Tarantino, and thank you to the Torgan family for giving the New Beverly Cinema to us.

Tickets at the New Beverly Cinema are $7 for general admission, $6 with their student discount, or $5 for seniors (62+) and kids (12-.) They also have super cheap soda, popcorn, and candy.

Speaking of the New Beverly, next Saturday, February 27th, they’re having a midnight screening of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome. Midnight screenings are $7. Sorry, no discounts for the midnight shows, but is one dollar, or even two, really going to stop you from seeing Videodrome? That’s what I thought. I’ll see you there!

New Beverly Cinema

7165 West Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

one block west of La Brea
(323) 938-4038

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    • MystiqueProphecy
    • February 19th, 2010

    He probably just wants to own a theater in case we go into war so when our enemies show a propaganda film he can burn it down without everyone inside and then save the world once again.

  1. Tarantino is paying it forward. that’s class.

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