New Troubled Horse 7″

Troubled Horse are finally releasing a new 7″ this March on Crusher Records. The new single, entitled Bring My Horses Home, will contain the title track on side-A and “Shirleen” on side-B. Both songs are available as mp3s on the band’s myspace and on the band’s page at I wish that the other two songs on the band’s myspace, “Sum of All Your Fears” and “Sleep in Your Head,” were being released as well, but at this point I’m just glad anything by this band is being put out.

Troubled Horse, led by guitarist/lead singer Martin Heppich, features two current members of Witchcraft – John Hoyles (guitar/back-up vocals) and Ola Henriksson (bass/back-up vocals) – as well as Witchcraft’s original drummer Jens Henriksson. The two bands do sound a bit alike, but Troubled Horse has a much stronger ’60s rock influence and never gets quite as dark or heavy as Witchcraft.

I was beginning to worry that this band had just kind of disappeared, but, to my surprise, they’ve suddenly become quite active. Aside from this new release, Troubled Horse has booked a few Swedish dates and are slated to play this year’s Roadburn Festival. I wish I lived in Sweden right now. I find myself saying that a lot.

Artwork by Harry Clarke.Troubled Horse’s Bring My Horses Home 7″ will be released March 19th through Sweden’s Crusher Records.

You can pre-order it here!

All pre-orders will ship one week before the release date.

You can listen to “Shirleen” by Troubled Horse off of Bring My Horses Home on the Crossing’s myspace page.

Troubled Horse

    • MystiqueProphecy
    • February 5th, 2010

    Singer looks like a lumberjack.

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